Walking Tips and Safety

Here are some tips that have maximized our enjoyment and knowledge of the neighborhoods we have visited:

Indian_Boundary_Park_FieldhouseNever miss an opportunity to visit a park and stop in a park district field house: We stumbled upon these goldmines quite by accident. One or the other of us is often in search of a restroom and these are natural locations for “facilities” as well as chatty people, interesting experiences and some historic architectural finds. We walk on the weekends when the parks are bustling with activity. We once came upon a children’s wheelchair basketball tournament while at Warren Park and ate lunch in the stands as the enthusiastic and cheering parents explained the rules of the sport to us. In the summer, we’ve watched families at play, soccer matches, baseball games and cruised barbecues while chatting up the chef for grilling tips. They are a perfect spot to see life in neighborhoods unfolding.


Pretty street sceneSafety: We’ve never felt threatened or had any trouble on any of the walks listed on this blog. There are no walks listed that would take you through the neighborhoods notorious for shootings or gang activity. That being said, crime can happen anywhere and one should always be aware of their surroundings. Below is a link to the most recent crime stats in the neighborhoods for you to assess for yourselves before you set out: Most recent Crime stats from the Chicago Tribune  You can also draw boundaries around your walk and access the same crime info using this tool.